The moment plays over and over in my mind, like the blurred, fuzzy lines on the television. The same buzz, confusion, over, and over, and over. Ringing. Frustrating. Mocking.

                The first cue of something awry was my father calling me. This task is generally left to my mother so I knew I should answer. I had just walked into the house with my nearly year-old daughter and her mother from picking up lunch. We were ready to eat and the phone rang.

A Life Extra….Ordinary


                 Strange. Strange but….beautiful. A life extraordinary is what I have been mandated, 25 years now. I was dealt a tough hand early on and have been trying to bluff my way through since. I want to tell you about the wild card that was dealt my way this morning but realize many of you do not know my back story. So I’ll start somewhere near the beginning.


Burrito Bound Selfie Challenge 2014 @ One Spark


Thanks to a challenge from Mr. Tony Allegretti, I am attempting to visit and take a selfie with every creator at this years One Spark.

That’s 630+ creators in 5 days

My prize - a steak burrito from Burrito Gallery

The journey will be long and at times I will want to quit, but I will not let my belly down.

Live updates will be posted here as I meet and selfie with creators, along with a little information about each.

HERE WE GO!!! - 11:12 AM 4/9/14


Mayport is a small fishing village along the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville, Fla. It is an area rich in history, food and military presence. As it is